What We Do

We work closely with community leaders and trusted organizations that can support our efforts and elevate our message. We embrace our work with passion, empathy, and a strong will for social justice

We have a strong commitment to not only present information to traditionally underrepresented communities in a form that is clear and relevant to their experience, but also with the input and through the lens of the individuals that make up the community.

We have a deep respect for culture and understand that lived experiences are not homogeneous.  We strive to learn from the folks we hope to serve and build community connections that can bridge divides and bring more diverse experiences to the table.

Public Affairs

Equity focused policy analysis and advocacy
Our firm provides policy analysis and assists clients navigate policy through an equity lens. In an everchanging world, equity has become a key focus in policy making with many public and private sectors not fully understanding equity beyond corporate celebrations such as putting a pride flag up or posting a Malcom X quote during Black History Month. We assist with genuine policy recommendations to address equity with proposed equity programs.

Strategic Communication

Culturally Competent Communications
Grassroots Resources has a proven track record of working to uplift and advocate for vulnerable and marginalized communities throughout the County of San Diego and neighboring communities. With the support of social service focused community non-profits, our firm has worked arduously to develop successful programs targeting Culturally diverse communities

Non-traditional grassroots community organizing

Our years of experience working with hard to reach and marginalized communities has given us a clear understanding that the basis for any effective engagement campaign is grassroots organizing. We specialize in engaging and empowering communities including hard-to-reach-populations in order to mobilize them on important issues affecting their communities. We engage in unique methods to penetrate into communities than your traditional PR firm. This includes partnering with local non-profits, community groups, and neighborhood leaders to gain the trust of targeted communities.

Digital Communication

The realm of communication is everchanging and competent digital strategists are required to help clients navigate this world. We help create strategic digital campaigns for our clients including branding, and content creation. We support our clients by showing them the intersectionality between social media and other digital platforms. Our strategies focus on messaging going straight to the intended audience.

Coalition Building

We mobilize and coordinate with stakeholders and community partners who can articulate a message and support our clients’ positions. We work with unique partners in order to create a successful issues program.

Multi-cultural micro-targeted messaging

Messaging to multi-cultural communities can often be difficult for firms without any relevant experience and oftentimes missing the mark. We have a team with genuine and diverse experiences who can effectively convey a message in often hard-to-reach-populations.