Who We are

Grassroots Resources is a women and minority-led Outreach and Public Relations firm with an expertise in culturally competent communications and outreach with communities of diverse backgrounds. Our firm uses a non-traditional grassroots approach to community organizing, advocacy, and policy analysis. Grassroots multi-cultural, micro-targeted messaging and coalition building is used to help our clients navigate through various government processes. Our team of is made up of people who have grown up with many different struggles and understand the needs of underserved communities and we are proud of the work we have done and continue to do. Our work has directly served to empower women and elevate BIPOC neighborhoods, immigrant and monolingual communities and the LGBTQIA+ community. We look forward to continuing this work!

Our Vision

At Grassroots Resources we believe that social equity, cultural competency, and sensitivity should be at the core of all organized outreach, targeted communication projects, and policy advocacy. We have a strong commitment to not only present information to traditionally underrepresented communities in a form that is clear and relevant to their experience, but also with the input and through the lens of the individuals that make up the community.

We have a deep respect for culture and understand that lived experiences are not homogeneous. We strive to learn from the folks we hope to serve and build community connections that can bridge divides and bring more diverse experiences to the table. In addition, we strongly believe in working closely with community leaders and trusted organizations that can support our efforts and elevate our message. We embrace our work with passion, empathy, and a strong will for social justice and reform.